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Monsters Of Men

Monsters of Men, Book, Review, Chaos walking. Todd, Viola, Monsters of MenTitle: Monsters of Men

Author: Patrick Ness
Illustrator: Lynne Condellon and John Picacio
Genre: Science Fiction
Age: 14+
Pages: 603 (paperback)
Publisher: Candlewick Press

        Todd and Viola had finally done it. They had defeated the mayor, but when the whole community of spackle declare war, Todd must set him free to secure his own survival. With the new arrival of the scout ship, sides are chosen and a never ending war rages out. In the Chaos walking trilogy's grand finale, Todd and Viola must try to bring peace before the war kills them all!
        The Monsters of Men novel really fealt realistic. The scenes were well described and it fealt as if I was in the war. Every death fealt like I had lost someone close to me, every pain and every scream  fealt like my own! I enjoyed how Patrick Ness thought to use actuall noise sounds to bring emphasis to situations. For example: Whenever a bomb would explode, depending on the size, the author would write down BOOM!

        One of the reasons I now consider Patrick Ness as one of my favorite authors is because his writing is very consistent! This is very important especially if you are planning on writing a series. Mr. Ness is able to consistantly bring new ideas and plot twists to the table. He also worked his characters a lot, they were as engaging and realistic as they were in book one if not more. Many authors tend to forget the basics of their stories and try to bring you to a conclusion.

        The spackles are very interesting. Before book three we barely had any knowledge of their species. I liked how we, as readers, got to know their species a lot better and only in one book. The points of views from 1017 were very instructive and it was easy to learn the way they thought and who they were as a species.

        I beleive that Mr. Ness lost track a bit with the main idea of the series. The noise was raely used and mentioned nor was it a huge priority, which I found dissapointing. I also thought that it lacked the fast pace action that was incorperated in book one and with it he could of ended the series very well! Regardless of the few cons in the grand finale, I do encourage everyone to pick this series right away!

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Rachael-Madison ^__^

This sounds like a novel I would be overwhelmed with (in a good way I suppose?) I read The Knife of Never Letting Go a while ago and loved it, even though I cried my eyes out (erp. sorry emotional reader.)

Anyways, I like the fact that your review includes mentions of the spackles and Noise - two parts of the series that really makes it stand out. Great review & thanks for sharing(:


Hey Madison,

It is a bit overwhelming, gladly the book carries you swiftly through the steps and I encourage you to grab the second novel asap! It's fine, i'm an emotional reader to (sorta)

The noise and the spackle are quite important. It's what makes the building blocks of this whole story!


One of my favorites!
Btw, I am following you now. Here is my link


Indeed, it was possibly my favorite series of the year :D Thanks! I'll check your blog!

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