Monday, July 2, 2012

The Sword and The Prophet

Title: The Sword and The Prophet

Author: Missy LaRae
Illustrator: Nathalia Suellen
Genre: Science Fiction
Age: 12 +
Pages: 260 (kindle)
Publisher: Pretty Wycked Designs

       Lily and Tyler once felt loved, happy, and safe, but that was a long time ago The inseparable twins realize that this is their only chance to escape their abusive mother so they storm off in the dead of the night, seeking relatives in Charleston.. They soon find out that their mother was the least of their worries. The twins must look for each other’s trust in order to unravel the mystery behind their own identities, in order to stay safe and fulfill their destinies.
        I enjoyed the first half of this novel. The author did a great job to captivate her audience in the first few chapters, as well as keeping the storyline smooth and intriguing. I enjoyed how she focused a lot on the characters and kept the readers on edge. I thought that the pace might have needed a bit of tuning but that was fine as I liked getting to know the characters and their surroundings thoroughly.
        One of Missy's strong points was that she used a lot of emotions to get the storyline going. Throughout the novel we knew what the characters were feeling and what caused this. I thought she did a nice job adding that aspect to the book but in a very discrete manner. It didn't stand out much or bothered me in any way but helped drive the story along very well.
         The universe in The Sword and The Prophetwas fascinating. I liked how the author made it simple yet it still had that taste of fantasy/sci-fi world, where you want to discover every region and aspect of it. It was also nice to see a glimpse of powers that go along with this strange world, but I would have liked to see the full extent of those powers. Some fangs and super strength is nice but it's not that original.
        The second half of the novel was what pushed the novel from a great book to a meh.. Ok novel. The author didn't seem to have a hard time bringing that alienish world into scene and it did seem very out of the blue. It did not work well with the first half and there weren't many clues leading up to this.
        Finally, what really disappointed me was that as we headed off to part two of the novel, the author focused too much on the science fiction part and not the basics. The characters lacked the feel they had in part one and I lost the bond they had. The flow of the story was very unsteady and it looked like the author was trying to get some action in the novel when it wasn't necessary. Everything in part two was dull in comparison to part one and if the author would have kept focusing on the basics the novel would have been excellent. There is a lot of room for improvement but this doesn't mean that book two can't be extraordinary. The series has a lot of potential and I am looking forward for book two!

Available on Amazon for free (cost may change over time.)

Rating: 4/5



Hey Nic!
I really like the name of this novel and again brilliant review. I haven't read a good sci-fi novel in awhile so this seems like an interesting read! Good to know you still see potential in the series even with some faults!
- Alex


Hey Alex!

Indeed I beleive the author did a great job with the title aswell as the cover. If I was in a bookstore I might of just baught it. If you're interested the book is free for kindle right now so you can download it and read it in your spare time before it's too late :) Thanks for the comment.


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