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How to Create a Cheap Book Trailer

How to Create a Cheap Book Trailer

Nic: Today I have the pleasure of interviewing the indie fantasy author, Lita Burke. Welcome! Lita, I understand that in March 2012 you released your debut novel, Tredan’s Bane, and recently created a book trailer for it. Would you tell us how to create a high-quality book trailer on a budget?

Lita: Thanks for talking with me today, Nic. Book trailers are one of many ways indie authors can spread the word about their novels. There are many creative approaches. I decided early on that I wanted a trailer with a series of compelling images, captions, and powerful music. No live action. No narrator.

Nic: How did you get started?

Lita: For the first step, I wrote a script with phrases. I answered basic questions about my main character. Who was Lanith? What caused her life to change? What did she do after the change?

Nic: What else went into the script?

Lita: I hinted at the mystery of Tredan’s kidnapping. Lanith finds her husband’s journal filled with horrible spells. To complicate things, a rival magician will do anything to get this journal.

Nic: What did you do after writing the script?

Lita: For the second step, I scoured photo websites to tell my script with images. Many indie authors recommend using free photos for budget-friendly trailers. I took a different approach.

Nic: Why?

Lita: I support indie inventers in all creative media. Instead of free images and music, I purchased usage licenses from websites where indies post their material. These licenses are affordable. I was well under my budget of $100 for everything.

Nic: After the photos, what came next?

Lita: I used Windows Live™ Movie Maker and sequenced the photos. I added pages for a lead-in, call to action, and credits. Next came positioning script phrases as photo captions. I then ran the movie to see how long it was. I tend to be verbose in my creative stage, so I trimmed photos and adjusted the captions.

Nic: What is a “call to action” page?

Lita: It’s near the end of an advertising piece. My call to action was for the viewers to get their copies of Tredan’s Bane. They could visit my website to find out how.

Nic: What was next for the trailer?

Lita: For the third step, I scoured indie music sites for a dramatic two-minute music clip and added it to the trailer. It took me several days to polish the trailer. I fussed over the transitions until the trailer fit the music.

Nic: What’s the difference between movie and book trailers?

Lita: A movie trailer is a preview. A book trailer is a tease.

Nic: Thanks so much for talking with us today, Lita. For my last question, would you show us the trailer for Tredan’s Bane?

Lita: I thought you would never ask! Follow the link below.

Book Trailer for Tredan’s Bane:

Lita Burke’s website:

Tredan’s Bane on



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