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The Ask and the Answer: Chaos Walking Book Two

The Ask and the Answer, Book two, Book review, Science fiction, Todd, Noise, Title: The Ask and the Answer

Author: Patrick Ness
Illustrator: Lynne Condellon and John Picacio
Genre: Science Fiction
Age: 14+
Pages:  519 (paperback)
Publisher: Candlewick Press

        Thomas and Viola did not expect what was waiting for them in Haven. The notorious murderer might have won, but Viola and Thomas will keep fighting. As the days grow old Thomas doesn't even know if Viola is alive or where she is. The hardest part of being taken away from everyone you trust is not knowing who to believe. As desperation and hopelessness rise, a group of women band together to form the Answer, a terrorist group build to fight off the president. So who do you trust, a manipulative treacherous murderer, or a terrorist and greedy criminal. In a world where thoughts, feelings, and desire are always present, there's no escape for Thomas and Viola.

        The sequel to The Knife of Never Letting Go really flowed well. The story line seemed to continue and bring us farther into New World. The novel is well written taking away the fact that the style is very original and feels very real, the first person writing style is well thought out. Since we only see what the characters see, as readers, we can only hope to figure out what is really going on. Some characters can be very misleading. They all lie and most of them are down right crazy. Which ones are telling the truth? Is it all a lie? These questions popped into my head numerous amounts of times.

        The Ask and the Answer started with something different compared to book one. The points of views change between Viola and Todd. Since the characters are separated this was a very good idea and I always liked a female protagonist rather then a male. The point of views change frequently! This is great because I hate really long chapters, but in this novel you barely read 3 pages before it changes to Todd's point of View or Viola's.     

        The antagonists in this novel are quite solid. They are the typical evil masterminds but the Mayor is so complex and devious! It seems like he knows everything and plays mind games with everyone. He's very manipulative and he can seem to be a good guy, but of course it's always an act. The antagonist is just out right genius. That's one more reason to hate on him!

        The pace was disappointing. I was used to book one's fast pace nonstop action where book two seemed to go on dreadfully slow. I believe Patrick Ness wanted to reduce the pace in order to bring some loose strings together as well as create some suspense and deception. I can agree that it did work. Many questions were answered and Mr. Ness did succeed in creating a suspenseful chapter or two, but it did not substitute for the lack of fast pace action!

Rating: 4/5

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Interesting series. I've never heard of this author, but I usually enjoy Candlewick books. I'll have to check it out.

Bound 2 Astound


Yeah, I had never heard of him either untill my sister bought these books for my brother last christmas. It's definately worth checking out!


This novel sounds so unique and with a great plot. I agree with you 100% about the long chapters! Short and straight to the point always works for me :)I also enjoy a fast pace with novels, slow paces can be so frustrating!
Fantastic and really thought-out review as usual Nic!
- Alex


Hello Alex,

Glad that you agree with me. This book has been certainly planned and plotted for quite sometime now. I'll review book three soon. It was really amazing! I got to say, this is one of my favorite series! :D


Hi, thanks for your post. I will follow your blog regulary
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