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The Maze Runner

Maze runner, Book, Book review, Science fiction, Dystopian, Glade, Title: The Maze Runner

Author: James Dashner
Illustrator: Philip Straub
Genre: Science Fiction, Dystopian
Age: 12+
Pages: 374 (paperback)
Publisher: Delacorte Press
        Thomas wakes up inside a large elevator also known as the box. It's pitch black and he can't remember a thing! The only memory he has is his name. He's soon brought out of the box and greeted by many young boys. They call themselves gladers and they tell Thomas that two years ago they went through a similar process as he did. None of the gladers remember anything before they arrived at the glade. Thomas soon learns that the glade is sourounded by brick walls and has four gates. The gates lead off into a maze which has been mapped and searched ever since the first gladers have arrived. Once night falls the gates close and mechanical creatures called grievers roam the maze searching for prey that couldn't get back in time. After Thomas' arrival a girl is sent to the glade. The very first girl since the beginning. Doubts begin to arouse once people start remembering Thomas from the past. Why did they send the girl? Is Thomas involved in any of this? Will they ever get out?

        The maze runner has a great edge that makes it stand out. The plot is very original and easy to follow. I suspect that it will go on and develop even more, but this book would of been a great stand alone novel. Of course the intelligently thought out plot was guided by the suspense and action. Right from the beginning! I swear, there's no 100 pages waiting time before you really get into the story and the action. The story line really started off with a big burst of energy and a fast pace, which it ended with aswell!

        Okay, I'm sorry that I mention this a lot guys, but the characters are super important! James Dashner did a really great job and really encorperated the characters style with their environment. The characters all seemed to reflect the situation they were in. The story also showed us a good side, where we could see the going-ons of the Glade. For example: who did what. Who were the leaders. How they stayed a live. These questions were answered and demonstrated a few times right at the start of then novel. This meant that the "roles" were filled up and you could imagine them as a small society.

        I enjoyed the confusion that the characters brought. I could easily step into Thomas' shoes and try to find out the mystery behind the glade for him. Of course, I wasn't able too. I liked how they gave a few clues and hints as they went along but not enough so that you could discover it easily. Sadly it seemed as if they revealed the "secret" in like one chapter and I couldn't get the full suspense that the unanswered questions brought forth to the table.

        James Dashner really knows how to bring in his audience. Even to compell them to buy his second book. Atleast he did a wonderfull job with me and I have bought and started to read The Scorch Trials, which is the second book in the series. This was a very great book and had literally no negative aspects to it!

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Rating: 4/5




A great and intriguing review! Good to know you liked this novel more then me and Dashner really knows how to create tension!
You should review the second one if you get time!


Thanks Alex! yep, I will review the next one soon, after i've finished a few reviews i'm halfway done. I did enjoy book 2 aswell 3rd one kind of went downhill but the ending was pretty thrilling but I hated what happened to Teresa. Won't spoil things here though..


Great Review Nic! I agree 100% that the characters are really important. Keep up the great work...


Thanks Daniel, same too you!


Great review Nic!! I actually really enjoyed this book and the whole series was just amazing :) I can't wait for the fourth book to come out though :) Happy reading and thanks for sharing <3
xoxo, Mariam @Book-A-Holic


Indeed, it was amazing. Although hated the ending :(( *trying not to spoil* The fourth book will most liekly bring me back into the mood of these books and by that time I'll probably post reviews for books 2-3! Thanks for stopping by. :)


Nice review. I always eye this book on the shelf, but I never had the "extra push" to just go and get it. Maybe after reading this review, i might just go and get it.

You have an amazing blog. Do drop by my recently-started blog if you can!


Hey Zeena, you should definately get this book and read it. It's much more satisfactory then Eyeing it. I'll check your blog out :D

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