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The Scorch Trials Review

Title: The Scorch Trials (Maze Runner Book 2)

Author: James Dashner                                            
Illustrator: Philip Straub
Genre: Science Fiction, Dystopian       
Age: 12+
Pages: 360 (paperback)
Publisher: Delacorte Press

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        The Maze was the first test, the second is a burned wasteland known as the Scorch. With time in their enemies' hands the group must travel through the barren desert, or be left to die a searing death. Wicked isn't playing games anymore and so Thomas must be cautious and help his group if he wishes to survive. If the hot temperatures and the wretched natural disasters aren't enough of a challenge for the small group, the flare infested humans will surely finish them off... and so, let the Scorch Trials Begin!

        The Scorch Trials had so much to offer. While the novel is considered a dystopian/ Sci-fi, I would consider it a mystery novel as well. It's one of those books where you don't know the identity of the antagonists, you don't know who's trustworthy, you don't know if the antagonist is actually evil. It's a game of guess and you have the main character to help you out!

        In the second novel of the series, I enjoyed that Thomas' past was brought to us in short segmented dreams. This encouraged the readers to decipher the clues. It also brought the readers a deeper connection with our main character. I especially enjoyed that the dreams were confusing. I mean confusion is the building blocks for mysteries am I right?!

        James Dashner did an excellent job working his characters. His writing is  a great example on how to use only one type of Point of View in order to bring a stronger connection! Usually I enjoy reading both sides of a story but when I only read one I usually feel as if I am the main character, in mind and body. This method is extremely useful to bring readers into a book and not just on the surface but into the depths!

        Now, while the Scorch Trials was really fast paced and entertaining, I was disappointed to see that the plot had somewhat changed from its original course. Although, that's what a series is. It's many curves, twists, and loops that creates suspense and emotion. Even if the end result isn't what we expected it still contains that really strong plot that made it enjoyable.
        With that said, The Scorch Trialscannot match The Maze Runner yet it's a darn close call because both are filled with great writing, exciting plot, and interesting characters. A definate must-read!

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Rating: 4.5/5



Great review! I have yet to read The Maze Runner but it's on my to read list.


Thanks Shar, it's a great read. You really need to sit down and read the whole series it's just amazing!


I really loved this as well, especially the introduction of more female characters. Can't wait for the next one!


Indeed, the group A and group B was a clever plot twist xD but the relationship between Thomas and Teresa really dissapointed me :( Anyways great series glad you enjoyed the review!


Hey Nic,
I've read this as well and I'm soon moving on to The Death Cure. Great review and explanations. Did you have any problems with characterization, I sometimes felt I just couldn't connect with some of the new, introduced characters, maybe just me? Still an enjoyable read and hopefully The Death Cure is great and answers all my questions!


I actually enjoyed almost every character. Brenda was an exception. I could really connect with them. Did you see how the novel kinda changed to a dystopian style into a post apacolyptic nocel? xD The death cure was pretty good but only started getting great until the last little end. I enjoyed Maze Runner> Scorched Trials> Death Cure.


thanks for sharing
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