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The Aduramis Chronicles - Destiny of the Wulf Review

Title: Destiny of the Wulf

Author: Harrison Davies
Illustrator: Anna Herbel
Genre: Fantasy
Age: 13+
Pages: 516 (paperback)
Publisher: Harisson Davies

        Marrok and Coinin Wulf are pushed towards their destinies, following their parent's death. In the care  of their uncle they train and work waiting for the moment that will change their lives. Then one day, they are summoned to the secret temple of the Brotherhood, soon discovering that their destinies are far more important than they had thought! Death himself is trying to become the king of the gods, and if Coinin and Marrok cannot find the five swords of Cerathil in time the world will be destroyed. A battle that will take place in the heavens and the earth, the brothers must trust each other and do whatever it takes to save the realm of Rosthagaar!

        Harrison is unbelievable! He did such a great job creating his characters. They were witty and as a reader we could see how they interacted with the other characters. We could also see easily what type of relationships they had with the others. I especially enjoyed Coinin as a character because he seemed to be so real. He had some flaws like he was sometimes insecure and didn't believe in himself and I loved that about him.

        World building is one of the hardest things to do, especially in a fantasy novel where you typically change 75% of the world. In the Destiny of the Wulf I enjoyed how everything had a purpose and wasn't made just out of pure imagination. The thing that pops out most for me was the Gods; the whole religious aspect of the novel was intriguing and was easily one of the big plot drivers. The creatures fit well in this type of story such as the Madorine's, who had a nice history and society where they ruled and lived for bloodshed.

        As much as I would like to say that Mr. Davies expertise would be world building I can't because I know for a fact that his expertise lies in his writing style. It was one of those fantasy novels where you could easily picture the beautifully sketched patterns on the doorframes and the fine silk robes. The techniques used in this novel are wonderful and I loved reading about everything there was to see! I would certainly say that the author did a lot more of showing rather then telling, and his writing techniques were very descriptive. Exactly what a great fantasy novel needs!

        Like everything else in life, there's always something you could have improved or worked on. If we look at The Destiny of the Wulf, I believe that the beginning could have been maybe more intriguing. Most novels work on the first 1/4 and if that doesn't catch your audience then they might put the book down. In other words, the beginning was slow and not as intriguing as I would of liked it to be.

        Now that we've covered the major parts I just want to say that this novel was one of my favorite books of all time and I cannot wait to read the next one! If you're looking for a great fantasy novel that won't let you down, then this is the one!

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Rating: 4.5/5



Thank you for a wonderful review. I'm glad you enjoyed it, and I'm humbled that you consider it an all time favourite.


I enjoy when an author is able to create dominant, exciting characters in conducive atmospheres. I love when atmosphere helps to characterize. I also prefer to read books that teach me a lot using allusions. I am always hunting for figurative language.


Hmm very interesting. I beleive that characterization is one of the most important things. If the author can make atmosphere and characterization help each other then props! xD I'm not much of an alussion fan though :) Glad to here your interests! Thanks for sharing


Wow, the premise sounds brilliant as well as the fantasy aspect :) I also love it when the writing style is almost perfect and really blends in with the description! It does seem lengthy though at 516 pages, did you have any problems with the length? Also the cover looks great! Fantastic review Nic and I've entered the giveaway :)


Hey Alex,

Indeed I thought that the length would get to me but surprinsingly no. The ebook length seems much shorter as in 200 pages Ebook. So it really passed by swiftly. I love the cover aswell, got to give props to those illustrators :P Glad you entered the giveaway!


The best of luck to all entrants...they will receive a specially signed copy.


Hey Nic,
an excellent review... I was asked to review it from the author but I'm not to sure. Does it have any magic in it? Swordfighting? What is the main form of fighting? Thanks so much...


Hey Daniel, I understand your predicament. There is a great battle at the beginning whci H Iwas thrilled to here. There is some sword fighting although the author didin't go in depth with this sadly. The characters use a diffrent cunning way to get out. If you're looking for a story that focuses on battles and sword fighting/magic fighting I'd suggest my latest read Betrayal of Magic. It's more action packed while this one focuses on characters and relationships a lot while having a fantasy setting and plot.


Congratulations to the winners. I do hope you find enjoyment in Destiny of the Wulf.

Happy reading.


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