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Review: Shipwrecked!

Title: Shipwrecked

Author: Alexandra Pratt
Illustrator: Stanislav Pobytov
Genre: Adventure
Age: 14+
Pages: 32 (Kindle)
Publisher: Moriarty Press

        Isaac Morris is ready to live a life full of adventure, and what a great opportunity it is when he hears that Britain has declared war on Spain. He soon finds himself aboard one of the six warships, heading for South America. Yet the sea is an unpredictable phenomena and Isaac's ship is thrown deep into a storm. When mutiny and murder arises, the storm is the least of their worries!

        Shipwrecked contains a voice! By that I mean you don't read a story, you are told a story. When I was reading, it felt like my father was telling me his own journey. This very exciting way of storytelling was accomplished through show don't tell. Alexandra could easily manipulate her sentences into an action packed journey really well!

        How many times have you read a book and the history and details of the past bored you so much you had to put the book down? I know that I got caught by that trap and I just couldn't finish the book. For a 32 page novella, I think that Alexandra did a wonderful job to obtain and squeeze in that history into her book. I liked how she made it work with the flow of the novel and was able to sort of give it to us without disturbing the peace of the action!

        As I said before, it's extremely difficult to insert what a good book "needs" when it contains only 32 pages. As a reader I would of enjoyed knowing the characters on a deeper principal. I had a rough time trying to figure out what was happening inside their heads and in general I just wanted to connect more with the characters. For example: there were so many of them who didn't make it back home alive. Even with those events I didn't feel sad for them or thrilled for the ones who did come back home. Of course this problem may revolve around the number of characters.

        I had the same problem with description. The book contained description, yet not as in depth as I am accustomed too or would of liked. Now these problems all have to do with the length of the book. Maybe the author wanted to keep it short. Maybe she wanted to focus on the story at hand and not the useless details I enjoy. Who knows right? Whatever the reasons are, the novella was enjoyable, action packed and straight to it's point. Even without the description and characterisation it had what it takes to become a very enjoyable read.

        Now I ask you readers. Short book or long book? Action packed and straight to it's point or descriptive and well created characters?

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Rating: 4/5



Ooh, this sounds good. I definitely know how it feels to read a book and the history bores me so much, but this sounds so refreshing. And it really is short. 32 pages? Wow. I prefer longer books since it gets into more depth, but it depends on how the story is written. Definitely going to check this one out.
Love your review!! :)


Hey Daniela, it was indeed quite good considering the length! Glad you enjoyed the review! :D

The Editor

Hi Nic,
Thanks for the review! I'm really pleased that you felt it took you straight to the action, and that the 'voice' in the story made for a compelling read. Perhaps I could help with some of your questions? The book is based on a true story, which, when I first came across it, just demanded to be told to a wider audience. 'Shipwrecked!' is only 32 pages long because it is written for 'reluctant readers'; that is, for the interest level of a teenager upwards, but one who perhaps struggles with complex language, or staying with a story. It should also appeal to anyone who just likes a 'quick read' that gets straight into the action! It's a tricky thing to write, and I'm so pleased you feel it works. I'd love to hear what Daniela and any other readers think, too.


Hey Alexandra,

First off your welcome for the review. Thanks for clearing that up, I guess it was a great sucess because it goes right into the action and I beleive any reluctant reader would be pleased with the novella. I personally enjoy bigger books but it did satisfy my needs :P
Thanks for giving me the oppurtunity to read your book!


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