Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Death Cure Review

Title: The Death Cure (Maze Runner Book 3)

Author: James Dashner
Illustrator: Philip Struab/ Syephanie Moss
Genre: Dystopian, Science-Fiction
Age: 12+
Pages: 325 (Hardcover)
Publisher: Delacorte Press

        Thomas and his friends have defeated the Maze and the Trials. They have defeated grievers and crazed zombies. Now the truth is beginning to unfold whether they like it or not. With one last test to complete the blueprint Thomas must make choices that he never thought he would have to and uncover the truth behind Wicked's actions. The last installment of a fast-paced dystopian series that will have you at the edge of your seat!

        The Death Cure was quite mysterious in the way that Wicked was labeled as evil from some characters while the main character was positive that it was evil. This controversy gave it the edge it needed and made us, readers, want to know what the truth is. I loved how the end was wrapped up with a twist that I did not expect and it always amuses me when I'm caught off guard.

        I enjoyed how difficult it seemed to be in the place of one of the characters. They must have been emotionally and physically shocked after an episode like this and the sacrifices that they had to make added to its intruigingness. I also liked how James Dashner was quite bold and killed off some, if not, many of the characters that we've seen since the beginning *cry*.

        The last book of the series brought back many memories for me especially since it brought back many things from book one such as places or people which we thought we would never see again. Of course if you read them all in a sequence it won't be as memorable but for me who had to wait for all three books I had amazing flashbacks emotions!

        I think that the past novels brought so much high expectations for our "grand finale" that it kind of disappointed me. The characters seemed to run around a lot and didn't do much fighting encounters which troubled me. It was mostly a game of hide and seek and Wicked had the upper hand. Also the plot didn't remain untouched throughout the novels and this disappointed me because I liked to finish series but when I pick up a book I like to be on the same story line when I finish it.

        Overall the book was great but somewhat disappointing considering James Dashner's great techniques!

Available on Amazon
Rating: 3.5/5



Aw sorry to hear you were disappointed. I've never heard of these series before but it kinda interests me.

Leigh | Little Book Star


Yeah I was sad that it went from being amazing to a little dissapointing but that's what series are all about. They either surprise you in a good or bad way :) You should really check them out. It's a great series.


Too bad it had a disappointing ending, but at least it seems to have been a good journey for you.

New follower! Found you via goodreads :)


Indeed, I seem to read a lot of books that dissapoint me at the end :( Although like you've mentioned it was a hell of a journey! Thanks for stopping by.


Hey Nic, I have heard a lot of things about this book and everyone seems to have a different opinion! Great Review though as always...


Hey Daniel, I agree. I guess it's mostly about what you like about a dystopian novel. Even I was stepping back and forth from the loving it and hating it line. Thanks for stopping by Daniel!


Newt was the one guy i liked from the begining and then what does James Dashner do? yeah he just makes him go crazy and then he KILLS HIM. man than mad me so mad i cryed


I totally agree. I was expecting more as the final book. I also thought that Teresa and Thomas should have been couples. :)


Yeah Newt was so great... sigh.. you can't get everything you want, although James Dashner sure does know how to entertain his audience..


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