Monday, May 28, 2012

Recap on what's coming soon and why I haven't been that active lately!

Hey guys, first off I want to apologize for not posting much in the last week or so. You can all blame my exams coming soon, but I'll be done school in.. hmm 2 weeks time so if you can bare with me then your in for a treat!

What's coming soon?
Okay guys well, I have many books that need to be ready and I will soon Post a book review of the novel The Knife of Never Letting Go, so watch out for that. The second book two will receive a review and I will post many more reviews as I will be reading a lot this summer so get ready for 1-2 reviews a week at least! Alright so, for the big event, I have Reno Charlton coming on this Saturday to do an author interview. You really have to check it out because it's really interesting! Oh and Lita Burke will be doing an interview about how to create a book trailer which will be very fascinating. The date is still to be discovered so stay tuned guys!



Oh yeah everybody has exams coming up! My school year starts late for me, and then my teachers give me like a few days to study since we're still in middle school, so it's not too bad at this point. I'm just dreading high school! :( Hope you do good on your exams!

Oh! By the way, you were telling me how you wanted those little social media icons on the side of your blog, but they were too big, well you can just go to this link and I have a little tutorial on re-sizing images and stuff, if you're still interested. :)

Nic Bast

Hello Eileen, I'm not sure where you're from but here it's Primary school, then High School, I'm currently in my 3rd year of High School but the exams arn't going to be so hard :) Even the first few years of High School arn't so bad, so don't worry :)

Thanks for the tip on those Media Icons, where could I see this link?

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