Saturday, May 26, 2012

George L. Soriano's Kickstarter Project!

Hey guys, today I wanted to introduce to you a neat project! This is a great way to help out a good author and actually be a part of the founding of a great novel! Depending on the amount you pledge you can receive items from a digital E-book copy too the actual soft covered book signed by the author!

What is George L. Soriano's Kickstarter Project?
The purpose is to raise funds for the completion, publication, and marketing of his novel. Here are links to the kickstarter project and the blog for his novel. A preview of the first chapter is available on George's blog.
Kisktarter Project Link:
George's Blog Link:

Novel Blurb: Kalen and Madison have a unique relationship. Madison, a teen aged girl, is the reincarnated form of Zhuron Zhang, an evil and powerful being from earth’s ancient history. Kalen is her present day guardian, charged with the responsibility of guiding her to the side of good. She doesn’t believe that Madison can ever be trusted or turned away from her evil past. But as they battle increasingly stronger supernatural threats, the more Kalen sees that Madison may be a last hope in the face of a looming apocalypse

About the Author: George L. Soriano, a writer living in MI, is using to help publish his novel and sidestep traditional methods. In order to boost funds and backers, George is offering Kickstarter rewards not usually associated with novels and print media. Some of his Kickstarter rewards include audio commentary and even a mini soundtrack. His novel, titled “SunHammer: The Adventures of Madison Thornton”, is an urban fantasy tale aimed at young adults. George offers a free preview of the first chapter on his blog.

Why are you still reading this? Shouldn't you be pledging a few pennies and dimes right now?


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