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The Last Apprentice: Night of The Soulstealer: Book Three

Book, Review, Book review, The Last Apprentice, Tom Ward, Book threeTitle: The Last Apprentice Night of The Soulstealer

Author: Joseph Delaney
Illustrator: Patrick Arrasmith
Genre: Children Literature
Age: 10-14
Pages:  528 (paperback)
Publisher: Greenwillow Books

        Tom Ward, the local spook's apprentice, must journey to the spooks second house in Anglezarke as the winter approaches. A strange cloaked figure appeared for the spook prior to their departure, saying that the spook had something that belonged to him. This encounter changed the spooks behavior and so they journeyed to Anglezarke. It's a bleak and depressing area, and the house isn't exactly welcoming either. The spook decides this is a great time to separate Alice, as he dislikes witches and spooks being together. It just doesn't fit. He sends Alice to a farmer’s house, where we later learn that it's also where Morgan lives a few nights a week. As the days go by, Tom accomplishes his usual routine with household chores and spooks training. Although the spook has added a special demand. Tom must give Meg, the Lamia witch, a dose of potion everyday so she does not remember the past. This twist creates doubts and intrigues Tom to search the full story on Meg and her relationship with his master, but the dark is rising and Morgan is desperately searching for the grimoire in the spooks possession. Tom and his master must act swiftly before Morgan summons Golgoth, one of the old gods, and takes over the county!

        The third book of the series was by far the most interesting and plot twisting! You find out another side of the spook, other than his old, grumpy, business like attitude. I did enjoy the increase of reference to the "old gods" they're very interesting and they add a thrill to the usual spooks business. Book 3 seemed to me as very emotional in many chapters and we did see the relationships between numerous characters. I hate to think it, but for me, the spook seems to be getting old and I doubt he's going to last very long through the series. I just hope he can complete Tom's training before the dark consumes the world. Anyways, Book 3, for me, was the best so far and I'd recommend it for anyone who's into adventure/fantasy or has read the first 2 books and doubt the third. It's a great purchase if you ask me, and I liked every chapter of it! I will be awaiting book four with anticipation and hope it gives me as much pleasure as this one!

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Rating: 3.5/5


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