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The Last Apprentice: Revenge of the Witch: Book One

The Last Apprentice, Series, Book one, Revenge of the Witch, Joseph DelaneyTitle: The Last Apprentice Revenge of the Witch

Author: Joseph Delaney
Illustrator: Patrick Arrasmith
Genre: Children Literature
Age: 10-14
Pages:  343 (paperback)
Publisher: Greenwillow Books

        The story takes place in the County, where Tom Ward, a boy of 13 years old becomes apprentice to a spook. Many qualities makes Tom perfect for the job, one of which he is a seventh son of a seventh son, giving him some powers against the dark. John Gregory, Tom's master, brings him along a fruitful adventure where he must make hard decisions to save the ones he loves against dark creatures. With the help of his master and Alice, a young witch, he may be able to defeat the enemies that pursue him but will he be able to do so before someone gets hurt?

        Book one of The Last Apprentice has brought me a few hours of pleasure, the story is thrilling with many twists where Tom must compromise with the dark to defeat the dark. The characters are very well developed and you can create special bonds with these characters very easily. The flow of the story is great but a bit long. There are certain points where you think that this part would be a great way to end the novel, yet it keeps going on and on which could have been avoidable yet it is somewhat necessary. The plot and conflicts were very interesting, although the author could have spent a bit more effort into description. When I read a fantasy I want to know what it looks like whether it's a tropical jungle or deserted land.

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                                                                           Rating: 3/5

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Found your blog via Goodreads - nice to meet you :)

Nic Bast

That's great! It's a pleasure to meet you too. I hope you like what you see and come see my blog regularly. I usually post atleast 1 review per week on Sundays. :)

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