My Rating System

My 5 Star Rating System:

On each and every single of my reviews I shall rate the book with what I think it deserves. My ratings are true and honest and are of my own opinion. No one should ever judge a book by my own ratings but I encourage them to acknowledge the reasons behind my system. Half of a star will be given at times because sometimes it's just in between and never one or the other. Regardless of the rating I will post a review about each and every book I read, as I said, my reviews are honest and a novel is a novel no discrimination!

5 Stars: A 5 star rating will most likely be seen once in a dozen full moons. A book will rarely exceed the requirements to achieve a 5 star, in normal terms is: Blow my mind!

4 Stars: A 4 star rating will be given to books that I believe deserves a fair share of acknowledgement. In other words it's sort of like a "bestseller" but it's represented in stars instead.


3 Stars: A 3 star rating is given to any book that I enormously, and I would recommend. A 3 star rating means that the book was enjoyable yet did not pass its expectations.


2 Stars: A 2 star rating is given to a book that I enjoyed reading but it had a few flaws therefore the novel couldn't reach its maximum potential.

1 Star: A 1 star rating is given only to those books with numerous amount of flaws which in terms made the book unbearable to read. If a book receives a 1 star it does not mean that you should not try the book out. In fact I encourage everyone to try the books that do receive this rating and then tell me what you guys thought the book deserved!